My name is Samantha Fenwick and I am 20 years old.  I started exploring photography about 7 years ago and I am so glad that I did. It is such an amazing hobby, and I have developed such a passion for it that I spend every moment looking for the next opportunity to take that perfect photo! It opened my eyes to the beauty of small things and building on them using imagination, wonder and my own creativity. 


I owe a thank you to my greatest friends for encouraging me to take on this hobby, that has now become my passion. I would always admire the art work of professional photographers and wonder if I could ever have such abilities. Photography has taken me so many beautiful places, allowing me the opportunity to see the natural wonder of this area, as well as other places I have visited.  Even the smallest insects posess their own incredible photos waiting to be captured!


Over time I have seen the improvements in my photos. Time, patience and experience now allows for that perfect moment to arrive as I photograph nature, portraits, family portraits, animals. This is truly amazing to me. My photos now span a wide range of areas including landscapes, nature close ups, portraits, black and white photographs, and rural photography. I pride myself on taking photos that are mostly original and often only edit by adding the slightest of touches, but leaving the original beauty. In fact, some of my favourite pictures are completely untouched!


Most of my photos are proudly taken locally in the Stone Mills, Portland and Kingston Area. Some photographs are also taken when travelling & are identified with location.  Enjoy:)




 Website: photosbysef.com  

Gmail: photosbysef@gmail.com

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